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Autumn Tour 2009

Photos from Oxford's New Theatre, Sunday 8th November. Photos: Andy Murray.

Gilson Lavis' drum solo.

Gilson at the kit.

Left to right: Dave Edmunds, Gilson Lavis, Jools Holland, Phil Veacock.

Photos from the Royal Albert Hall, 27th November. Photos: Andy Murray.

Jools Holland.

Gilson Lavis.

Left to right: Chris Storr, Phil Veacock, Michael 'Bammi' Rose, Rico Rodriguez (obscured), Lisa Grahame, Fayyaz Virji, Derek Nash.

Left to right: Fayyaz Virji, Derek Nash, Nick Lunt.

Jools Holland.

Left to right: Fayyaz Virji, Michael 'Bammi' Rose (obscured), Rico Rodriguez, Lisa Grahame.

Derek Nash.

Louise Marshall, Mark Flanagan.

Jools Holland.

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Part 2

Part 3
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